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Your home, your way. At NovoLUX we understand you need to trust the tradesmen entering your home. That's why we take the utmost care, before, during, and after the job to ensure you are satisfied.

We are careful, courteous, and put transparency at the forefront of what we do. This means that you are never in the dark about our work, because we involve you as part of the process to make sure we meet your needs!

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Steve Jobs once said: "If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time." NovoLUX is here to help you get there a bit faster!

We provide reliable electrical solutions to increase your profitability, from trendy and well-thought lighting design, to improving functionality. Even something as simple as a new powerpoint with incorporated USB charging ports can be the difference your business needs.


If your tired of coping with your rundown kitchen, or feel freezing in your bathroom, and cant see yourself in the mirror, or just built a patio and extended the back of your home, talk to us.

We take care of new oven, hotplate, and rangehood installs, combined heat/light/fans, pendant lighting, downlights, powerpoints inbuilt into drawers, under bench strip-lighting and much more. Let us help you achieve your dream home.


If things aren't working as they should be, it can mean there is a bigger problem. If the lights go out, if the switch crackles when you use it, if you smell smoke but don't see a fire, talk to us! Electricity can hurt you before you realise there is a problem at all, and that's why we spend uncountable hours refining our electrical knowledge and safety practices. We aren't in the business of taking chances, we are in the business of keeping you safe!

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OHS legislation requires employers and controllers of work premises to ensure that any risk of injury from electricity is eliminated or controlled. If you're a tradie out in the field, setting up a stall in a market, running a business, a place of gathering or even a musician/venue putting on a show. We can come to you and make sure your equipment is up to standard, and keep you in line with OHS requirements and the requirements of most insurance companies.

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